Unignuplot: What is?

UnignuPlot is a graphical front-ent for the fantastic GNUPlot, is so far to be the complement for GNUPlot, but indeed is very usefull for simple plot task or ... may i call it, "Fast" funtion|data plot? so, if you haven't experience with the command-line interface nor gnuplot-commands and need to plot something really urgent "homework" or data files with some relevant information for your boss, Unignuplot is the tool.

Unignuplot have a simple but still usable ;) graphical disposition, for he use of the interface please refer the "Documentation Section"; one of the main goal of the project is the Internationalization, (the program has been translated to the next list):
-See credits PLEASE-
  1. French
  2. Romanian
  3. Swedish
  4. German
  5. Spanish
  6. English

If your language isn't here and you know how to translate, read the language template and translate it, then contact us and send us your translation, so you will be in our credits file ;)